This morning Fiat Chrysler Automobiles gave the details of its five year product plans for brands, like Maserati, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Ram, but three of the brands were missing. We did hear some details about what to expect from Fiat, but what about Dodge and Chrysler?

2018 Dodge Challenger Shakedown Package

Earlier this week there was speculation that FCA would announce the death of the Chrysler brand today, but that announcement didn’t come. Instead FCA simply didn’t make any mention of Chrysler. Does that mean that the brand is going to stick around for a while? It’s not known, but a spokeswoman revealed to Automotive News that FCA has not made a decision about the Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat brands, but that they “would not be fully eliminated.”

2018 Chrysler 300C

Right now the Chrysler brand only offers two models, the aged Chrysler 300 and the somewhat new Pacific minivan, so it doesn’t sound like the Chrysler brand has much life left. There are rumors that Fiat could be pulled from the US market, but FCA did announce that a new 500e and 500 Giardiniera will arrive in 2020.

The Dodge brand is a little more up in the air, since there are a few more Dodge models offered and there have been reports that FCA is readying new Charger and Challenger models. Plus the Dodge Viper is expected to make a return soon, so it’s doubtful that the Dodge brand is going anywhere.

Source: Automotive News