Electrified BMW i5 in the Beginning Stages

BMW is currently discussing if it makes sense to a larger model to its electrified i sub-brand.

2014 BMW i3

Early next year BMW’s new electrified i3 and i8 models will begin arriving in showrooms, but based on the recent success of the Tesla Model S and the early orders for the i3, we can expect more i-branded models. BMW is reportedly coming up with its next i model, which could likely be called the i5, but it hasn’t been decided if it will be a crossover or a sedan.
Tesla’s success with the Model S sedan obviously has caught the attention of every automaker and BMW is trying to figure out how it can compete. The success of the Model S is also proof that there is demand for a larger electric vehicle than the small i3.

BMW revealed to What Car? that no decision has been made, but BMW is currently having discussions on a new electric model.

Source: BMW via What Car?