Dodge Caliber Says Bye Bye in November

The Dodge Caliber has hit the end of the road. It’s being reported that the last Dodge Caliber will roll off the line in November.

Are we surprised? The Dodge Caliber replaced the Dodge Neon in 2006, but even though the Neon was a hit when it launched in 1994, its replacement failed to succeed. The Neon was plagued by quality issues when it first launched, but at least there was a waiting list for the small Dodge/ Plymouth. The Dodge Caliber also launched with quality issues, but even if it had a more “popular” SUV-like shape, its interior and horrible CVT transmission kept it from flying off dealer lots.

Well five years later, Chrysler has decided to finally kill the Caliber. According to Allpar the last Caliber will be produced in November. It’s replacement is going to come from Fiat, but it’s not known if it will be released by the time the Caliber disappears. It’s rumored that we will get our first preview of the small Chrysler at the 2011 LA Auto Show in November.