Detroit 2010: Audi A8 Hybrid Coming to Geneva

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have both unveiled hybrid versions of their flagship sedans and Audi is next. Audi is set to unveil the A8 Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Audi announced its plans at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday. Audi also included that it sees hybrids as the next step to fully electric vehicles and that it has no plans for a mild hybrid. The A8 Hybrid will be a full hybrid. Audi is also going to release a Q5 hybrid this fall. The A8 hybrid is expected to appear shortly after the Q5’s launch.

2011 Audi A8:
2011_audi_a8_2.jpg 2011_audi_a8_3.jpg 2011_audi_a8_4.jpg 2011_audi_a8_5.jpg 2011_audi_a8_6.jpg 2011_audi_a8_7.jpg 2011_audi_a8_8.jpg 2011_audi_a8_9.jpg 2011_audi_a8_10.jpg 2011_audi_a8_11.jpg 2011_audi_a8_12.jpg 2011_audi_a8_13.jpg 2011_audi_a8_14.jpg 2011_audi_a8_15.jpg 2011_audi_a8_16.jpg 2011_audi_a8_17.jpg 2011_audi_a8_18.jpg 2011_audi_a8_19.jpg 2011_audi_a8_20.jpg 2011_audi_a8_21.jpg 2011_audi_a8_22.jpg
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