Detroit 11': 2012 Toyota Prius V Expands the Prius Lineup

It’s been widely known that Toyota has been planning on added more Prius models to its lineup. Today Toyota has taken the wraps off the Prius V, with “V” standing for versatility or volume.

The Prius V is now the second Prius model and doesn’t actually look that different from the standard Prius hatchback. Thanks to a taller rear roof line the cargo capacity has been increased by 50 percent. It’s powered by the same hybrid powertrain as the standard Prius, but it’s fuel economy numbers are slightly lower than the standard Prius at 42 mpg city and 38 mpg highway.

The Prius V will be available this summer. The next Prius model will be a smaller compact hybrid.

2012_toyota_prius_v.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_2.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_4.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_5.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_6.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_7.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_8.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_9.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_10.jpg 2012_toyota_prius_v_11.jpg