Dealers Want the Mazda2, but Mazda Execs are Hesitant

Ever since the current Mazda2 was unveiled we’ve been asking when the car will be available in the US.

Mazda dealers also want the small car, but Mazda execs are worried that the Mazda2 could cannibalize sales of the Mazda3, Mazda’s best-selling model. The Mazda2 would give Mazda something to compete against the popular Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris subcompacts.

But, according to Hisakazu Imaki, Mazda’s president, the Mazda3 is a very important model in the US, so the Mazda2 is not for certain.

Imaki said, “The Mazda2 is a very good product, and we’ve received very strong requests from dealers. But it is still under study,” Imaki said. “But I must also say that I don’t regret that we haven’t been able to supply the car thus far.”

Imaki also states that another reason the Mazda2 hasn’t been offered is the fact that demand for the Mazda2 could diminish once gas prices in the US return to a more moderate level.

Just bring it! Toyota and Honda also have the Corolla and Civic in addition to the Yaris and Fit models….they aren’t having any issues selling any of them.

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