Corvette-Powered Honda Civic Exposed! Insane or Awesome?

Have you ever wondered if a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette powertrain could fit into a 1996 Honda Civic? Well member Civette may have done it. What else would you do if you had a Corvette and a Civic in your garage? Chop them up and make the ultimate Civic!

Civette decided to cut both of his cars apart and construct a rear-wheel drive Honda Civette V8 LS1. Since the Corvette he had on hand was already totaled and the Civic was only $200 bucks it would a cheap project.

The most interesting aspects of the project are the fact that he is turning a FWD Civic into a RWD car. Also the Corvette engine is a lot bigger than the original 1.6L 4-cylinder that previously was in the Civic. Apparently he used the original drivetrain, the front suspension, steering and rear suspension from the Corvette. He is also trying to use some of the interior elements from the Corvette in the Civic.

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