Convertible SRT Viper is a Few Years Away

A convertible version of the all-new SRT Viper is still a few years away.

For the first time ever, Chrysler is launching a new Viper as a coupe first rather than a convertible. Viper fans don’t seem to mind, since the first 800 units of the all-new Viper have already sold out before the first units have even been delivered to customers. Chrysler is still planning on building a convertible Viper, but we will have to wait a few years.

Ralph Gilles, president of Chrysler’s SRT performance division recently spoke with Wards Auto and confirmed that he hopes the convertible Viper will be released within a few years. He also stated that the new Viper was designed to be a convertible and underneath the skin is a convertible chassis, which means the stiffness is already built in.

Although Giles hopes the convertible Viper launches within a few years, he also stated that the automaker isn’t in a rush. Giles also feels that some Viper fans will buy the coupe now and when the convertible is released they will either buy another coupe or make the switch to the coupe. He also acknowledged that some buyers will simply wait for the convertible. When the fourth-generation Viper ended production in 2010, 60% of Viper buyers chose the coupe.

Wards Auto