CONTEST: Built Ford Tough…Abide by the Code of Conduct and You Could Win!

Calling all Ford truck owners!

Ford and M80 have launched a new site, is the new content site where Ford fans can follow the BFT (Built Ford Tough) patrol as they hilariously enforce the driver code of content, busting perpetrators in a variety of cringe-worthy activities.

Apparently if you drive a Ford truck you are expected to abide by a driver code of conduct. Check out the site to read the list:

Ford BFT also has a MySpace at:

oh and since were talking about MySpace, The Torque Report also has one at: (it’s still a work in progress).

Now for the contest:

Ford and M80 are going to give away some great Ford merchandise to a few lucky Ford Truck owners. In order to find those owners out there that truely love their Ford trucks and also abide by the “Built Ford Tough” code of conduct we’re going to throw a one-week contest. Send in two of your favorite photos of you and your truck. We’ll post them and your fellow readers will help us pick the winners. Make sure you check out the code of conduct because if you are in violation of even one of them you will be disqualified (

Send all photos to:

Make sure you include your name as well and please put “BFT Rules Contest” in the subject line.

All entries must be received by Sunday 4/13/2008

Oh one more thing…unfortunately this contest is only for owners that live in the U.S. Sorry guys if you live outside of the US you can still have some fun watching the videos and voting for your favorite Ford truck owners.

Check back after next Sunday to see all the photos.

Lastly I know that there are obviously lots of strong feelings between Chevy, Dodge and Ford truck owners. Unfortunately this contest is a Ford sponsored contest and not a Chevy or Dodge contest. Please try to keep the “hate” comments to a minimum or I will delete them.