Chrysler Will be the Only US Automaker Running Commercials During the Superbowl

This year’s Superbowl is right around the corner, which means the usual hype about the commercials is beginning and the advertiser list is starting to trickle out. It looks like out of the the three Detroit automakers, only one is advertising this year. It’s a little surprising that it’s going to be Chrysler, considering their current financial situation and standing in the marketplace.

“What better way to illustrate to our customers that we are still here than to air on the Superbowl, which is not only watched for the game, but also for the advertising spots,” said Chrysler spokeswoman Dianna C. Gutierrez.

The Dodge Charger will be the focus of the high price commercial. CBS has identified Honda, Audi, VW, Hyundai and Kia as being the other advertisers during the broadcast.

Full Story: CNN Money