Chrysler to Unveil Three Electric Vehicles to Dealers this Month

Chrysler has been one of the few automakers that have been quiet about their future green offerings. Besides the hybrid Durango and Aspen SUVs there hasn’t been really any news stories about what is next for Chrysler…until now.

Later this month Chrysler is going to unveil three electric powered vehicle prototypes to dealers. Jim Press has revealed that Chrysler is working on a plug-in hybrid that will have a range of 300 miles.

“We are making substantial progress on electrification of our vehicles,” he told reporters. “Fuel cells are in the future, but probably more in my kids’ future than my own.”

Press also revealed that Chrysler still has access to Daimler AG’s technology and that the automaker is working with multiple battery suppliers in the US and abroad.

The concept car pictured above is the Dodge NEO that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

Full Story: Motor Authority

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