Chrysler Imperial is Approved for Production…Is This What Chrysler Needs to Turn Things Around?

Chrysler has approved the large luxury Imperial sedan for production. The official announcement will be on June 11th. Chrysler will invest $700 million for the new sedan, which will be built at the Brampton, Ontario plant. This announcement follows the sale of the Chrysler Group that took place earlier this week. Chrysler has had a rough year due to lower sales and recalls, is this sedan what the company needs right now?

The new Imperial will be built at the same plant as the Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300.

An official production date hasn’t been announced. The new car is rumored to retain the same dimensions as the concept version (214 inches long and a 123 inch wheelbase).

Pricing also is unknown. According to Chrysler’s Joe Eberhardt, Chrysler is not ready for a $50,000 vehicle, so we can expect pricing to be about $5,000 – $7,000 higher than the current 300.

Chrysler is going to invest a significant amount of money into this large sedan, but is it money well spent? Consumers are consistently placing more emphasis on gas mileage and Chrysler currently lacks enough fuel-efficient vehicles. Should they have used this money to develop models that are smaller than the Dodge Caliber, to make Chrysler more competitive with Toyota and Honda?

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