Chrysler Cancels Plans for B-Segment Car and Chrysler-Badged Civic Rival Unlikely

In November 2009 Chrysler/ Fiat unveiled a plan that outlined its product plans for the next five years, which included a Chrysler-badged subcompact and compact for the U.S. market.

Now it looks like Chrysler has decided to change the plans it outlined a year and a half ago. Chrysler/ Lancia brand president Oliver Francois recently spoke to Car and Driver and revealed some bad news. The B-segment Chrysler model is dead. The B-segment model would have competed with the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta and been a rebadged version of the new Lancia Ypsilon. The Ypsilon is based on an extended version of the Fiat 500’s platform, but Chrysler and Fiat felt the two models are too similar to both be sold here.

Francois also brought some bad news about the upcoming Chrysler compact sedan that would have gone head to head with the Ford Focus and Honda Civic. It looks like plans for that model have been put “under review” indefinitely, which basically means it’s probably not going to happen. Although Chrysler isn’t going to get a compact sedan, it looks like Dodge is still expected to get a compact car to replace the Caliber.

Full Story: Car and Driver

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