Chrysler Admits That the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Nitro are Duds

Apparently Chrysler executives have admitted to their employees that the automaker misjudged the market for the new Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Nitro SUV. In a recent Q&A session a top Chrysler executive addressed the issues with Chrysler employees and assured them that the automaker is moving fast to correct the mistakes.

Executives are upset that Chrysler misjudged the market and their competitors. The automaker set their standards too low and missed the mark on such things as fuel-economy, interior quality and noise and vibration levels.

According to Bob Lee, head of powertrain engineering, “Our management has admitted that some of our competitors moved faster in some areas than we had anticipated and hence although we matched their previous position and added some improvements, we didn’t set targets aggressive enough.”

The Sebring and Nitro have been criticized for their low quality interiors, noisy engines and poor handling.

The new Sebring was rated 16th out of 16 family sedans by Consumer Reports.

What about the Jeep Compass or the Dodge Avenger? They also have pretty bad interiors.

Chrysler’s Action Plan:
-Source more parts and materials from low-cost countries.
-Invest more in vehicle interiors.
-Use an interior design studio to focus on improving the customer experience.
-They hired ASI Consulting Group, which worked with Hyundai to help them better understand customer needs.
-They are modifying how performance metrics are set.

The info was not meant to go public, but it is authentic.

Full Story: Detroit News

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