Chevy Cruze Wagon Will be Unveiled in Geneva

GM has announced that a wagon version of the popular Chevy Cruze will debut next month in Geneva. This will mark the introduction of the third version of the Cruze, after the sedan and five-door hatchback versions that are available in Europe.

“The Cruze Station Wagon caters to an important market segment. It ticks all the boxes for European drivers in terms of distinctive design, dynamic driving, space and economy,” said Chevrolet Europe President and Managing Director Susan Docherty.

The Cruze wagon is instantly recognizable as a member of the Cruze family and features a tapering single arch roofline and comes with roof rails as standard. It is longer than the sedan at 184 inches compared to 181 inches.

GM hasn’t announced if the U.S. will get the Cruze wagon, but we also don’t get the hatchback, so it’s not likely.