Can Buick Attract Younger Buyers with its New Enclave?

It’s the same old story, it seems like every automaker is trying to attract younger buyers that will continue to buy from the brand for years to come. As an automaker’s age demographic increases they run the risk of eventually running out of buyers. It’s a simple argument when we are younger we have many more years to buy cars as we age those "years" decrease. If your average buyer is 65 or above the chance of them returning to buy another car is a lot smaller than if they are in their 30s.

Buick is the latest automaker who is searching for younger buyers. For years Buick has been seen as the brand for individuals in their 60s and 70s. With their newest model, the 2008 Enclave, Buick is hoping to attract buyers in their 40s and 50s.

An article posted by Laura Clark Geist on documents and interview with a Buick executive. The article describes how the automaker is trying to market the new SUV to individuals that have worked hard all their life and are in their 40s to mid 50s. They also plan on marketing heavily to the African-American market, which has been a strong market for them in the past.

Will all of this work? The new Enclave is a great looking vehicle for the brand, but it remains to be seen if younger buyers will buy this over its Japanese and European competitors.

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