Cadillac Will Soon Offer Four-Cyl Engines in Several Models

Large engines are out! The days when you gloated about your large V8 engine under the hood of your big, heavy GM model are a thing of the past. GM continues to release new models that have downsized engines and it looks like Cadillac will be next. Who doesn’t dream about getting behind the wheel of the CTS-V with its supercharged V8? But of course that model isn’t extremely practical with gas prices getting closer and closer to five bucks a gallon.

Fuel-efficiency is in and even luxury models are getting smaller engines. Cadillac is soon going to offer four-cylinder engines on several of its models. Cadillac’s upcoming ATS and XTS models are expected to offer turbocharged Ecotec four-cylinder engines, which will put out between 220 and 260 horsepower. If buyers respond well to the four-cylinder versions of the ATS and XTS, the SRX crossover and next-generation CTS will also get four-cyl engines.

Audi offers four-cylinder engines, Mercedes-Benz is going to offer a four-cylinder in the C-Class and BMW has also announced plans to bring four-cylinder engines back to the U.S. starting this fall. Would you buy a four-cylinder powered Cadillac?

Full Story: Car and Driver