Bush Announces New 31.6 mpg Average Fuel Economy Standard by 2015

Today the Bush Administration announced that by 2015 all automaker’s fleets must average 31.6 mpg.

The plan that was outlined today (Earth Day) is more aggressive than most automakers expected. By 2020 the average has to be 35.0 mpg.

“This proposal is going to help us all breathe a little easier by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from tailpipes, cutting fuel consumption and making driving a little more affordable,” Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said.

This new announcement means that all-new car and truck fleets in 2015 need to average 31.6 mpg, passenger cars need to achieve 35.7 mpg and trucks need to achieve 28.6 mpg. In addition to the average breakdown for trucks vs cars, automakers will have different standards based on vehicle sales. For example among different passenger cars on sale in 2015, GM must average 34.7 mpg, Ford’s cars will need to reach 35.5 mpg and Toyota’s cars will have to achieve 34.6 mpg.

The plan announced today is expected to save nearly 55 billion gallons of oil and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 521 million metric tons over the life of the new vehicles built between 2011-2015. It will add an average cost of $650 per passenger car and $979 per truck by 2015.

Good bye gas guzzlers….

Full Story: msnbc