For Bugatti buyers that want something more hardcore than the 1,479 horsepower Divo, Bugatti is reportedly working on another option.

Bugatti Chiron Sky View
Bugatti Chiron Sky View

The Supercar Blog reportedly received word from sources that Bugatti is planning a more extreme Chiron, which could be badged as the Chiron Super Sport. Sketches of the more extreme Chiron were shown to VIP customers when the Divo debuted. While Bugatti hasn’t publicly announced the more extreme or hardcore Chiron, it was described as “a beauty of speed” and a “ground-to-ground Missile”.

Sources claim that it will be powered by the same 8.0L quad-turbo W16 engine, but it will likely pass the 1,500 horsepower mark. Just like the Divo, Bugatti is going to only offer a few units for sale with 20-40 units planned.

We’ll have to wait until Bugatti confirms the report, but if the report is accurate, we’ll get to see the more hardcore Chiron early next year at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Source: The Supercar Blog