BREAKING NEWS: Hyundai Halts Sales of the 2011 Sonata

How come there are so many recalls right now? Hyundai has just announced that it has halted sales of the new 2011 Sonata after an issue with the front door-lock modules was discovered. Some of the units can stick under certain circumstances. The 2011 Sonata just went on sale a two weeks ago, so luckily there are only 5,000 units in US inventory and only 1,300 have been sold.

According to Hyundai spokesman Miles Johnson the malfunction occurs only in situations where the front-seat passengers try to open their doors from the inside while simultaneously holding down the lock button (who does that?). If that happens the interior door handle will not return to its normal position and passengers will not be able to exit the car. If the lock button is pressed again the situation will correct itself.

Hyundai is going to replace the front-door lock mechanism on affected vehicles.

Full Story: AutoWeek

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