BMW gave us a preview of the next-generation BMW 4 Series with the Concept 4 last fall, but now we have our first look at the 2021 4 Series thanks to a leak on social media.

When BMW unveiled the Concept 4 last fall all that we could talk about was that huge double kidney grille and now thanks to a leak on Instagram from Cochespias, we can see that the grille is going to make its way on to the production version. In this leaked photo we can see that the large grille is there, but it may be a little smaller than what we saw on the Concept 4, which is a good thing.

Another leaked photo from wilcoblok gives us a preview of the rear of the 2021 4 Series, which thankfully isn’t as polarizing as the front.

Love it or hate it, it looks like BMW is all about putting a massive double kidney grille on all its models, look at the updated 7 Series and even the new X7.