BMW has been focusing on building out its electric lineup with new models, like the iX and i4, but it also looks like some of its gas-powered models might disappear. A new report claims that the BMW X4 SUV is going to be discontinued.

2022 BMW X4

BMW Blog is reporting that the X4’s days are numbered, which cites a report from Bimmer Post from a user “yngludyn” whwo said that the “G46 X4 may have been cancelled – not confirmed.” This user has been accurate with past changes in BMW’s lineup, but as of right not it’s just a rumor.

The X4 is based on the same platform as the X3 but its sales are much lower. Last year BWM only sold 10,622 units of the X4, while 75,858 X3 models were sold, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if BMW decided to not introduce another generation of the X4 when the next-generation X3 arrives.