BMW is planning an 8 Series Coupe to rival the Mercedes S Class Coupe


BMW has quietly admitted that the new 7 Series flagship sedan has failed to meet sales expectations and now it’s hoping that a new large coupe based on the 7 Series platform will help bring in more sales. An inside source has confirmed that BMW is indeed working on a coupe version of the 7 Series, which will be called the 8 Series.
BMW failed to give the new 7 Series the same amount of “wow” factor that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan received when it arrived and its likely to get even worse next year with the arrival of an all-new Audi A8. The new 7 Series may bring some new technology to the BMW brand, but on the outside it just looks like a bigger 5 Series – something that isn’t really going to raise any eyebrows.

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To partially fix the issue the new 8 Series coupe will hopefully get some of the style and appeal that the 7 Series is missing. The 8 Series could arrive as soon as 2019.

Source: Automotive News