Shortly after the arrival of the BMW i3 and BMW i8 electric models, reports started circulating that BMW’s new i model would be a more family oriented model, called the i5. Now there are reports that plans for the BMW i5 have been canceled.

According to BMW Blog, several sources have confirmed that BMW has decided to shift its plans away from the i-sub brand and instead, focus on electrifying its core lineup. The move counters Mercedes-Benz with its new EQ sub-brand of electrified models. BMW has yet to confirm the death of the i5, but back in March BMW CEO Harald Krüger hinted at it during a press conference:

“We will incorporate all-electric, battery-powered mobility into our core brands, as we have already done successfully with our plug-in hybrid vehicles,” he said. “By using highly flexible architectures we can avoid duplicate investments in plant and equipment and will be able to adapt our range of electric and conventional vehicles to changing demand both quickly and efficiently.”

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We’ve also already heard reports about a new electrified versions of the next-generation 4 Series and X3 models, which would align with the strategy shift.

Source: BMW Blog