BMW recently announced an upgrade for the fully electric 2019 BMW i3, which can now travel up to 153 miles, but if you’re wondering when BMW will finally release a true Tesla rival, you’ll have to wait until 2021. BMW has confirmed that its next electric car, the i4, will arrive in 2021 with a driving range up to 435 miles.

BMW i Vision Dynamics

BMW confirmed the news about the i4 to Autocar. “The leading factors that will set it apart are fantastic design, which is very different to anything else on the road and the fact that it is lighter and therefore more dynamic than anything we see on the market today, thanks to the materials we will use,” stated BMW chairman Harald Krüger. “Couple that with the connectivity technology we are constantly developing and we are confident it will lead the market.”

BMW i Vision Dynamics

The BMW i4’s driving range isn’t the only thing that will help set it apart, since Krüger also stated that it will “redefine what is possible today for 0-60 mph times.” If you’re wondering what the i4 will look like, just take a look at the i Vision Dynamics concept, since BMW has confirmed that it will be inspired by the concept.

The BMW i4 is one of five electric cars that BMW is planning by 2021.

Source: Autocar