BMW F3 is a Go…BMW Confirms Production of Another Crossover

bmw_f3_side.jpg BMW has finally confirmed the production of the crossover BMW F3. Crossovers are quickly becoming one of the hottest segments in the US and Europe. BMW is planning on building the small people mover on the upcoming X3 platform that will be here in 2009.

According to what a BMW insider told Autoweek:
“We’ve looked carefully at prevailing market trends, and there appears to be a clear shift away from old-style [multi]purpose vehicles. By combining the high seating position of a sport/utility vehicle with the space afforded by a traditional station wagon, crossovers appear to be providing an clear alternative to buyers.”

The official launch date hasn’t been set, but according to Autoweek we will be way into 2010 until the car is revealed. The new F3 will compete with the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV-4 and countless other models.

The F3 will come with a number of engines, ranging from 4-cylinders up to the new 3.0L 300 horsepower 6-cylinder. All-wheel-drive will also be offered.

The shape of the vehicle looks like a smaller Mercedes R-Class.

Full Story: Autoweek