Sales of the BMW 8 Series haven’t really taken off, since the second generation was introduced, so this latest report about the fate of the 8 Series is not too surprising.

2023 BMW 8 Series

BMWBLOG is reporting that the 8 Series coupe and cabrio models will be discontinued in a few years, which will just leave the four-door Gran Coupe version. Although sales haven’t been great, a third generation 8 Series is reportedly in the works and will only be offered with an electric powertrain. The report claims that the next 8 Series will arrive in 2026 and will be based on the same rear-wheel drive CLAR platform as the current 8 Series.

BMW is working on a new dedicated electric platform called “Neue Klasse,” but sources claim that the next 8 Series won’t be on that platform initially, with a sedan and SUV being the first to use the platform in 2025.