This is a big year for Bentley as it celebrates its 100th birthday and although Bentley has confirmed plans to reveal a new Flying Spur, we’re more interested in its new concept car.

According to Autocar, Bentley is going to reveal a centenary concept on July 10 that will showcase the “future of grand touring.” The new concept will specifically shocase new technology and design advancements that will be used on future Bentley models over the next 30 years.

It’s also being reported that the centenary concept will be powered by a hydrogen hybrid powertrain, which marks the first time that Bentley has shown any interest in hydrogen.

Bentley Design director Stefan Sielaff stated, “It’s a view into the future. We don’t want to show a spaceship. It should be something that everyone knows is a Bentley and that the technology we show [is credible]. It’s not only a design statement but a statement for the company. It’s about sustainability, social responsibility, local sourcing, materials. It’s a big change in our thinking because society is changing.”