Bentley has announced that it has started testing the limited-edition Batur on public roads in Europe, ahead of its arrival in mid-2023.

Bentley Batur

Two prototypes of the Bentley Batur are being put through 120 individual tests, over 58 weeks.  The tests will evaluate everything from the quality of the surface finish of the gold “organ stop” ventilation controls to the new W12 engine hardware and software.

The first development vehicle – Car #0 – completed a 1,553 mile drive across Europe to simulate real world conditions. The route leaves Germany and travels through Italy, France and Spain, before the high speed testing. At the proving grounds, Batur Car #0 will begin seven weeks of durability work on handling tracks, mixed road conditions, high speed testing and abusive surface conditions.

Once the proving ground work is complete, another 4,660 miles of real world driving will be undertaken before environmental testing commences. In just under four weeks the car will endure 600 hours of solar loading, which is equivalent to five years in an Arizona desert. This is important to test the new sustainable materials used in the exterior components. Bentley says that by the time the first Batur is delivered next year, over 810 unique parts will have completed 160 weeks of testing and development.

The Batur is powered by a twin-turbo 6.0-liter W-12 engine with 730 horsepower and 740 pound-feet of torque. The familiar engine has received a new air intake system, modified turbochargers, revised intercoolers and new calibrations for the engine gearbox and electronic stability control.

Bentley is only planning to build 18 units of the Batur and each one has already been spoken for, even with its $1.95 million price tag.