Audi’s new performance division Audi Sport has set an ambitious goal of releasing five performance models by 2020, which will bring the total to 16 models.

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The announcement was made as part of an announcement that also announced that Oliver Hoffmann is now taking over as Head of Technical Development at Audi Sport. Oliver Hoffmann previously worked on powertrain development at Audi. He previously worked on quality management at Lamborghini and the development of the V10 engines used in the Audi R8.

“With the appointment of Oliver Hoffmann, we have gained a highly qualified manager for the Technical Development division,” says Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Audi Sport GmbH. “With his experience and skills, Hoffmann will help to realize the expansion of the Audi Sport brand.”

Audi hasn’t revealed what all the Audi Sport models will be, but it’s expected that SUVs and electric vehicles will take priority.

Source: Audi