Audi Photos Show Up on the Web…Is this the 2010 Audi A8?

The Audi A8 is definitely one of the oldest cars in Audi’s lineup and a redesign is in the works. The forum Gulf4Cars has posted a few photos of what we can expect the 2010 Audi A8 to look like, but the main question is are these photos real or just photo shopped.

If these photos are indeed real, the next A8 is going to feature a more evolutionary redesign. The front of the car features the same grille that we’ve now used to from Audi mated to new headlights that are similar to the rest of the new Audi lineup. The rear end also features taillights that are very similar to the new A4 and A6.

It remains to be seen if these photos are actually real…stay tuned.

2010_audi_a8_maybe.jpg 2010_audi_a8_maybe3.jpg 2010_audi_a8_maybe4.jpg 2010_audi_a8_maybe4.jpg

Full Story: Gulf4Cars via Autoblog

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