Audi May Still Build the R4

It’s been at least four years since rumors starting circulating that Audi is going to release a an R4 that would slot in between the TT and R8 in Audi’s lineup. Earlier this year reports came out that Audi had officially killed the plans for an R4, but now a new report claims that those plans are back on.

According to Auto Express an Audi insider gave strong hints that the R4 is headed for production. “If the go-ahead was given today, it would take around three years to put into production.”

If it is finally released, the R4 will take styling cues from the e-tron Spyder. Expect it to be powered by Audi’s 2.5L five-cylinder turbo with around 400 horsepower mated to the quattro all-wheel-drive system.

It’s still not known if the R4 will be built on a shortened R8 platform or the new mid-engined chassis that debuted with the VW BlueSport concept back in 2009.

Auto Express