Tonight Audi is going to officially unveil the e-tron SUV, the first of several new electric cars coming from Audi. Audi has also provided a bit more info about its electrified future, which includes the introduction of 12 fully electric models by 2025.

audi e-tron specs

The Audi e-tron kicks off an onslaught of electric models, which will be followed by the e-tron Sportback in 2019. Audi also says that even though its first two fully electric models are SUVs, its electric lineup will eventually include other body styles, like Avant and Sportback electric models. Audi says that its electric lineup “will cover every relevant market segment from the compact to the full-size class.”

Not all of the electric vehicles will ride on the same platform, since Audi is working on up to four platforms. The e-tron and e-tron Sportback are based on Audi’s modular longitudinal platform, while the new Audi e-tron GT concept will preview another platform when it debuts this fall at the LA Auto Show. Audi has also teamed up with Porsche to create the Premium Platform Electric platform, which will be the basis for several Audi models with all-electric drive covering the B through D segments of the market.

Lastly Audi is also working with the entire Volkswagen group to develop the modular electrification platform (MEB), which is also being used by VW’s upcoming I.D. electric vehicles.

In addition to expanding its electric car lineup, Audi is also working on more plug-in hybrid models as well.

“In the future, virtually every market segment will include models powered by a combination of electric motors and a combustion engine, and that can be charged at an electric outlet,” said an Audi Board Member for Technical Development Mertens.

Source: Audi