Aston Martin has released a teaser of its new SUV that is slated to enter production sometime in 2019. The new Aston Martin SUV was originally previewed by the 2015 DBX concept and from this single teaser, it looks like the production version won’t veer off too far from the concept.

Although the DBX concept didn’t feature four doors and a proper SUV hatch, the production version will, which is evident by the teaser photo with its longer roofline.

Production of the new Aston Martin SUV is expected to take place at its new plant in St Athan, Wales plant. The new plant, which is currently under construction will also produce two new Lagonda sedans, which will arrive after the SUV.

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Many of the details about the DBX remain under wraps, but it is expected to be based on its own platform, but some of its parts could be sourced from Mercedes-Benz. Plug-in hybrid and electric versions are also expected.

Source: Aston Martin