All-New Nissan GT-R Starts at $66,675 Plus Official GT-R Site Launched

Nissan has launched the official site for the upcoming GT-R that is set to be officially unveiled on October 24th, 2007.

The site includes photos of past GT-R models to keep you entertained until the car is officially unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show.

GT-R Global Site

Nissan is also going to start taking preorders today in Japan for the car. Thanks to the guys over at NAGTROC we now have some more info on the car:

There are three trim levels:

– Base: $66,675 alloy wheels
– Black Edition: $68,580 forged wheels, black/red leather seats
– Premium Edition: $71,870, forged wheels, side airbags, Bose,

There are 6 exterior colors:

– Super Black
– Vibrant Red
– Pearl White (30k yen option)
– Titanium Grey
– Dark Metal Grey (according to a magazine, they will only produce 40 cars a month with this color)
– Ultimate Metal Silver (300k yen option)

There are 2 interior colors:

– Black edition only gets black
– Base and Premium can choose black or grey

Wheels and Tires:

– Base GT-R comes with unnamed alloys and Dunlop Sport tires
– Black and Premium editions come with Rays wheels and Bridgestone RE070s (run flat).


– The chassis code is CBA-R35
– Weight is ~1590 kg/3500 lbs
– Premium edition comes with a Thatcham class immobiliser and alarm (optional on the Base and Black Edition)
– Premium edition comes with a Bose sound system (optional on the Base and Black Edition)
– Premium edition has seat heater
– Side airbag system is optional on all 3 trims

Engine and Drivetrain:

– The engine designation is VR38DETT (Twin Turbocharged 3.8-liter V6)
– The engine performance of the 3 trims is the same
– There is no Manual transmission option


– Titanium muffler (10 kg lighter)
– Anti-theft immobilizer 250,000 yen

There will be 160 high performance centers throughout Japan specialized in servicing the GT-R with GT-R specific mechanics (written in the preorder material).

spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf10.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_10.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_20.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_30.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_50.jpg

Images from Gran Turismo 5:
nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image001.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image002.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image003.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image004.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image006.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image007.jpg

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