All-New 2008 Honda Accord Starts at $20,360…Will it Kill the Competition?

Honda has released the pricing for the all-new 2008 Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe that go on sale this month. The sedan goes on sale on September 12th and the coupe hits showrooms on the 20th.

The base Accord LX sedan with the manual transmission starts at $20,360 and the base Accord LX-S coupe starts at $21,860. On average the pricing has increased $600 bucks although over $1,400 in standard equipment has been added to the new models.

So far the reviews of the new sedan have done well with it out performing the best-selling Toyota Camry.

Here’s the breakdown and photos of the new Accord:


2008 Honda Accord Sedan:
accord_sedan_white.bmp accord_sedan_white_side.bmp accord_sedan_rear.bmp accord_sedan_front.bmp accord_sedan_charcoal.bmp 2008hondaaccord22.jpg 2008hondaaccord29.jpg 2008hondaaccord11.jpg 2008hondaaccord25.jpg 2008hondaaccord20.jpg

2008 Honda Accord Coupe:
accord_coupe_blue.bmp accord_coupe_front_blue.bmp accord_coupe_rear.bmp accord_coupe_red_front.bmp accord_coupe_red.bmp 2008hondaaccordcoupe1.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe5.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe14.jpg

2008 Honda Accord Interior:
accord_dash.bmp accord_backseat.bmp accord_int_side.bmp accord_int.bmp accord_steering.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe19.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe18.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe17.jpg

2008 Honda Accord Engines: 2008hondaaccord49.jpg

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