2008 Lamborghini Reventon Unveiled…It's a One-Million Euro Supercar!

Lamborghini has unveiled the Reventon supercar, which is based on the Murcielago LP640 that costs a cheap one-million euros. The car is going to be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show tomorrow.

Only 20 of the cars are going to be made and unfortunately they have all been spoken for. Apparently potential buyers had to put down 300,000 euros just to reserve the car.

The official specs will be unveiled tomorrow, so for now just have fun looking at the pics. Who knows maybe you are one of the lucky people who knows one of the 20 potential owners.

lmreventon_hi_001.jpg lmreventon_hi_002.jpg lmreventon_hi_003.jpg lmreventon_hi_004.jpg lmreventon_hi_006.jpg lmreventon_hi_007.jpg lmreventon_hi_008.jpg lmreventon_hi_009.jpg lmreventon_hi_011.jpg lmreventon_hi_010.jpg

Full Story: Jalopnik

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