All-New 2008 Ford Focus Gets a Few More Tweaks Due to Consumer Backlash

It is very rare for an automaker to make revisions to a model right before it is introduced because of consumer backlash, but that is what Ford is doing with the all-new Ford Focus.

According to Automotive News Ford decided to tweak the new Focus that was revealed earlier this year due to the large amount of negativity the car received. These revisions include new round fog lights, black door handles instead of chrome, aluminum trim on the instrument panel, a mesh cover for the grille, white and black seats that allow for more contrast and chrome on the vents and gearshift knob.

Are these subtle changes enough to change consumers’ opinion about the Focus? This car seriously needs a full redesign with more daring/ aggressive styling if it wants to ever compete with the Civic, Corolla, or Mazda3 models.

08focus_01.jpg 08focus_02.jpg 08focus_03.jpg 08focus_04.jpg 08focus_05.jpg 08focus_06.jpg 08focus_07.jpg 08focus_09.jpg 08focus_10.jpg 08focus_11.jpg 08focus_12.jpg 08focus_13.jpg 08focus_14.jpg 08focus_15.jpg 08focus_17.jpg 08focus_18.jpg 08focus_20.jpg 08focus_21.jpg 08focus_23.jpg 08focus_26.jpg 08focus_30.jpg 08focus_35.jpg 08focus_33.jpg

Full Story: Autoblog

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