All BMW 4-Cyl Engines will be Turbocharged

BMW recently unveiled its new turbocharged 2.0L engine in the X1. The 2.0L engine is expected to be offered in several BMW models. According to Autocar, BMW plans on using a turbocharger on every version of the 2.0L. Each of BMW’s 4-cyl engines will be based on the 2.0L aluminum block, but with different turbochargers and engine management.

The first model we will see with the four-cylinder is the X1. The four-cylinder is also expected to be offered in the next 3 Series as well as the Z4.

In the X1 the four-cylinder in the X1 xDrive28i puts out 245 horsepower and 258 lb-ft. of torque.

Full Story: Autocar

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