Alfa Romeo just launched the Stelvio SUV, but it’s already working on something bigger. It’s being reported that Alfa Romeo is working on a larger three-row SUV that will compete with the Audi Q7 and other large luxury crossover SUVs.

The yet to be named SUV will share its platform with the Stelvio, but it will be stretched a bit to allow room for three rows of seats according to Alfa Romeo’s Chief Technical Officer Roberto Fedeli, who spoke with Auto Express. “The Stelvio for sure is an example of Alfa DNA, why don’t we translate that in a car which is a little big bigger?”

The large Alfa Romeo SUV will also have offer a mild-hybrid powertrain option, in addition to non-electrified engines.

“We have to marry the new car with the right level of electrification. Plug-in hybrid could be a problem for the Alfa DNA point of view, but for instance a 48-volt mild hybrid solution is something that we can do without losing anything.”

The large Alfa Romeo SUV will be the brand’s biggest model ever and is expected to arrive by the 2020 model year.

Source: Auto Express