It looks like the 2019 Acura ILX is getting a facelift with Acura’s new corporate grille, thanks to some leaked patent images that were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

2019 Acura ILX Patent

While some probably expected a new ILX by now, it looks like the 2019 ILX will continue on the old platform, but at least its face will get updated with a look that’s similar to the larger TLX and RLX models. It’s hard to tell if there are any changes besides the new face, given the fact that everything looks pretty similar from the A-pillars back, it’s doubtful that there are any big updates.

2019 Acura ILX Patent

Under the hood the ILX will likely continue to be powered by the 201-hp naturally aspirated 2.4L four-cylinder. Lets hope this new face is only a temporary fix, since the ILX is feeling quite dated in the compact sedan class.

Source: USPTO via Car and Driver

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