Acura to Release Something "Unconventional"

Prior to the economic collapse in 2008, Acura was working on an NSX successor that was front engined, but sadly those plans were shelved. Since then Acura has only been focusing on its current lineup and a controversial nose. Car and Driver recently sat down with some Acura execs to discuss the refreshed RL (above) and luckily the conversation moved past Acura’s flagship…

According to Car and Driver, Acura is set to launch something “unconventional” around the same time that the next-generation RL is launched, which is supposed to be in the next 12 to 18 months. Details are scarce, but it will not be the front-engined supercar that was supposed to carry the NSX name. The good thing is that some of the technology that was developed for that car will make it to the new car.

Stay tuned…

Full Story: Car and Driver

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