Acura NSX is Reportedly Back on Using Accord Parts

Honda has been teasing us for a while with a successor to the much loved NSX even coming close to releasing a new sports car, until the economic meltdown hit in 2008. At that time it was believed that the NSX was dead, but its now being reported that Honda’s engineers didn’t completely bury the project.

According to the latest reports Honda is still working on a successor to the NSX, but it will not be the V10 powered sports car we’d seen lapping the Nurburgring. It looks like Honda is now working on a greener sports car that will be powered by either the 2.4L or 3.5L V6 from the Honda Accord. Using the Accord as the basis for the NSX will keep costs down. Engineers will basically swap the front and rear around creating a rear/mid-engined sports car. The NSX will also use Acura’s SH-AWD system that will be rear-wheel-drive biased.

If these rumors are true expect to see the next NSX as early as 2014.

Full Story: Motor Trend

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