Range Rover has unveiled a new exclusive collection of bespoke Range Rover Sport SV vehicles, called the 2025 Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection. It consists of five curations, that are “inspired by ancient mythology and the cosmos.”

2025 Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection

Each curation features a bespoke exterior color, with unique inscriptions and finishes in the cabin.

Range Rover Sport SV Gaea Curation

Inspired by Greek mythology, Gaea symbolizes the Earth, where life began. This curation features a Green Terre Matte exterior paint, accented by a slanted wave symbol representing land and sea. The tailpipe is made of Satin Forged Carbon Fiber with Carbon Bronze ceramic calipers, creating a modern, natural look. This is complemented by a Narvik Black roof and mirrors, and intricate script badging with a Graphite Atlas inner and Narvik Black outer. The interior boasts Caraway Windsor leather with Kvadrat steelcut backboards, Natural Brown Silver Birch wooden finishers, and tonal stitching.

2025 Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection

Range Rover Sport SV Theia Curation

Drawing from mythology, Theia, a Titaness and daughter of Uranus and Gaea, is linked to sight and light. The interior features a symbol representing sight and light in the Grand Black gloss finisher, headrests, and console. The dramatic Ebony and Pimento Windsor Leather interior includes Pimento contrast binding on the carpet mats. A satin forged carbon fiber finisher in the center console shimmers beautifully in the light. The exterior boasts a warm-toned Ilmenite Grey Satin paint finish with a metallic flake, inspired by the moon, complemented by a 23” forged wheel in champagne gold and black carbon ceramic brake calipers.

Range Rover Sport SV Io Curation

Inspired by Io, the most volcanically active body in the Solar System, this curation features a distinctive bright orange exterior color, Cyllene Gloss, reminiscent of Io’s constantly changing surface. The exterior is complemented by gloss twill carbon fiber tailpipes, carbon script badging, and an exposed carbon fiber twill gloss contrast hood. The 23” Twill carbon fiber gloss wheels are paired with bespoke silver carbon ceramic brake calipers. The interior offers Ebony and Lunar Windsor leather, 3D knit seats, and Satin Twill carbon fiber seat backboards and bezels.

Range Rover Sport SV Vega Curation

Named after the exceptionally bright star Vega in the Lyra constellation, this curation features a unique blue gloss exterior color inspired by the star itself. Vega’s name, altered from the Arabic “al-nasr al-wāqiʽ” meaning “the descending eagle,” is symbolized on the vehicle by a downward wing-like symbol. The Verrier Blue exterior honors French astronomer Urban La Verrier, who predicted Neptune’s location. The vehicle includes an exposed Carbon Fiber Twill Gloss contrast bonnet, with matching script badging, tailpipes, and 23in wheels featuring Nano Yellow carbon ceramic brake calipers. The interior offers light Ebony and Perlino leather seats with the symbol on the headrests, complemented by a Natural Cream Ash Burr finisher on the cupholders and Ebony Kvadrat Steelcut backboards on the seats.

Range Rover Sport SV Sol Curation

Sol Curation represents the Sun, a powerful symbol of life and divinity. This visually striking curation features an Aurora Yellow gloss exterior, inspired by the Aurora Borealis with its greenish-yellow hue. It includes a Narvik Gloss black contrast roof and mirrors, Satin Forged Carbon exterior finishers and tailpipes, 23in Forged Black wheels, and Blue Nebula carbon ceramic brake calipers. The interior is leather-free Ebony with Nano-Yellow contrast stitching and satin forged carbon fiber seat backboards and finisher.