BMW has taken the sheets of the next-generation 2025 BMW M5, bringing new styling, new tech, and a surprising new powertrain.

The 2025 BMW M5 retains the 4.4-lt turbo V8, though it’s now joined by an electric motor that produces a combined system output of 717 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. This is a plug-in hybrid system capable of traveling up to 25 miles on electric power alone. This is essentially the same engine arrangement as the brand’s XM SUV, with the 2025 BMW M5’s gas-powered engine featuring a different tuning for a slightly different output number. The V8 engine generates 577 hp on its own, while the electric motor adds an additional 194 hp.

This will be paired with an eight-speed M Steptronic gearbox that features a patented pre-gearing stage that increases the motor’s torque output to 332 lb-ft, up from 207 lb-ft. A new boost control system engages when drivers pull back on the left paddle shifter, which puts the vehicle’s systems into their sportiest settings, letting you get maximum performance in an instant with just the pull of a paddle. The 2025 BMW M5 will feature unique engine and transmission mounts as well as a redesigned suspension system that uses lighter-weight aluminum components to reduce weight.

As with the previous generation, AWD will be standard on all 2025 BMW M5s. This system will feature an Active M Differential that can manage power distribution between the left and right pair of wheels, as well as the front and rear pairs. It can also send power to one individual wheel to counteract understeer. By default, the AWD system will send power to all four wheels, though drivers will be able to select a rear-biased setting to allow for things to get a bit more drifty.

Interestingly, the 2025 BMW M5 is slightly slower than its predecessor, making the sprint from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds compared to the previous generation’s 3.2 seconds. This is likely largely due to the fact that the 2025 BMW M5 has gained over 1,000 lbs compared to the last generation. The outgoing M5 weighs 4,345 lbs, while the new M5 will weigh 5,390 lbs. This weight gain is due to the added weight of the batteries from the plug-in hybrid drivetrain and is sure to be a divisive point for many BMW M fans, as weight tends to be the enemy of good handling.

The 2025 BMW M5 retains the 155 mph top speed as the previous generation, while those opting for the M Driver’s package will see that figure bumped up 45 mph to 190 mph.

Stylistically, the 2025 BMW M5 builds off the base of the new generation 5-Series. The front features a large, enclosed, illuminated gloss black grille that houses sensors for the numerous driver assistance features. The M5 logo can be found on the right side of the grille when viewed from the front.

The M5 also has larger wheel arches to accommodate the wider, staggered wheel arrangement, featuring 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch wheels at the back. Buyers will be able to choose between three different wheel designs. Those wheels will get 285/40 ZR20 front tires and 295/35 ZR21 tires at the rear. Functional vents can be found behind those wheel arches that help direct airflow to two auxiliary remote radiators as part of the vehicle’s cooling system.

Massive brakes to the tune of 16 inches in the front and 15.7 inches in the rear help bring all that mass efficiently to a stop, and buyers can opt for M Carbon ceramic brakes that are 55 lbs lighter than the standard brake arrangement. Every little bit counts.

Inside, the 2025 BMW M5 will receive numerous M-specific touches, including a new heated steering wheel with red “M” buttons and a red stripe at the 12 o’clock position. Elsewhere, buyers will find a standard Bowers & Wilkins premium audio system, panoramic roof, heads-up display, and M5-specific interior ambient lighting.

Standard M Multifunction sports seats will be available in a variety of color options with a new BMW Individual Full Merino Metallic leather package bringing black/violet and taupe grey pearl effect colors to the surface of the leather itself, which sounds absolutely stunning. The curved infotainment system will run the brand’s Operating System 8.5 combining a 12.3-inch driver display with a 14.9-inch central infotainment touchscreen and will feature M-specific graphics.

Pricing for the 2025 BMW M5 will begin at $119,500 (plus $1,175 destination fee) when it goes on sale at the start of Q4 this year.