We’ve been expecting this ever since the Acura Integra returned and now Acura has confirmed that it is working on the highly anticipated Integra Type S.

2024 Acura Integra Type S

Acura has released the first teasers of the 2024 Integra Type S lapping the track at Tochigi. We can see that it will have a slightly more aggressive body than the standard Integra with three exhaust tips centrally mounted at the rear. Acura hasn’t confirmed it, but it’s pretty obvious that the Integra Type S will be closely related to the Honda Civic Type R.

Besides a similar exhaust to the Civic Type R, the Integra Type S will have over 300 horsepower and send its powers to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and a limited slip differential. We’ll get all the details in the coming months, since the 2024 Integra is slated to arrive next summer.