Cadillac has announced that the 2023 Lyriq electric crossover has completed the “80 percent” validation drive. Cadillac says that “now that that all components and technologies are at or beyond 80 percent, engineers can now focus on fine tuning Lyriq prior to production.”

Part of the testing involved evaluating the Lyriq’s performance on different road surfaces and in different traffic conditions. Cadillac developed a curated route that included freeway, urban and rural driving scenarios where engineers rated the Lyriq’s drive quality, systems calibrations and other elements.

“We have spent countless hours behind the wheel of our Lyriq test fleet and in virtual testing environments to be sure we deliver our customers a comprehensive luxury experience expressed in an all-new electrified package,” said Jamie Brewer, executive chief engineer.

The 80 percent drive resulted in performance evaluations of the driver-control and sensory elements, including a new interior audio signature that Cadillac says was developed to “foster occupant comfort and confidence.”

Production of the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is scheduled to begin next spring at GM’s plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Cadillac already filled all the reservations for the Lyriq Debut Edition, but reservations for other versions will begin next summer.