Here’s your first look at the 2022 BMW i4 electric car. The i4 joins BMW’s growing lineup of electric vehicles, which includes the iX3, iX and the i3.

2022 BMW i4

BMW previewed the i4 with the Concept i4 and the good news is that the two are nearly identical. The i4 is also closely related to the next-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe.

The i4 will stand out from the 4 Series Coupe with its unique bumpers, aerodynamic wheels and blue accents. The i4 doesn’t to cool an engine under that hood, but it still gets the controversial kidney grille.

BMW hasn’t released all the details yet, but the i4 will have up to 523 horsepower and it will have a driving range around 300 miles.

BMW says that it will release more info in the coming weeks.