The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon is getting a facelift. Volkswagen has released the first teaser of the updated Arteon, but the bigger news is the addition of a new Shooting Brake (wagon) version, but sadly it’s only going to be offered in Europe.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon

The teaser sketch of the new Arteon reveals that the Arteon’s face is getting an update with large side air intakes, which give it a more aggressive look. We’ll have to wait and see what other exterior updates the 2021 Arteon is getting when it debuts on June 24.

Inside the 2021 Arteon is also getting updated with VW’s latest infotainment system. The Arteon will also be available with the new “Travel Assist” driver assistance system that will take over steering, acceleration and braking up to speeds of 130 mph.

Stay tuned for all the details on June 24.