The 2021 Ford Bronco is one of the new vehicles that we’re eager to see on the road and it looks like buyers are equally enthusiastic about the new Bronco. Ford has confirmed that it has received more than 125,000 orders for the 2021 Bronco, since it started accepting orders in January.

Ford received 190,000 reservations for the new Bronco, which means that about two-thirds of those have translated into orders.

“The demand… has just been overwhelming,” Ford’s consumer marketing manager Mark Grueber told The Detroit News. “We’re very excited and pleased with the conversion rate and very humbled in terms of the demand that’s out there. So, now we’re just focused on trying to get these customers their Broncos as soon as possible.”

It looks like buyers mostly want the higher trim levels, since Ford says that about 70 percent of orders are for the more expensive versions.

Ford plans to ramp up production of the Bronco at its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne in the coming weeks. The first deliveries are expected to start in June.